Arizona Grown Hoodia has been growing Hoodia since 2000

Most of us spend our lives trying to lose weight. We try diet after diet, but nothing seems to work very well. Ironically, the answer may lie with a plant called Hoodia, which is native to the remote Kalahari Desert of Africa. The Hoodia plant contains a molecule that safely takes away your hunger. The San Bushmen have been using Hoodia for thousands of years, but few Americans knew about it until 60 Minutes went to Africa. Leslie Stahl tried Hoodia and the next day, she reported that she lost the desire to eat or drink for the entire day. ā€œIā€™d have to say it did work,ā€ said Stahl.

We started growing thousands of Hoodia pants in Arizona years before Leslie Stahl ate a piece of a Hoodia plant in Africa. We are Arizona Grown Hoodia. We are actually a farm where we grow Hoodia and many kinds of berries. All our Hoodia products are 100% pure Hoodia.


Hoodia helped me lose weight

Hoodia didn't make me feel jittery like diet pills did
Hoodia made it easier to lose weight